Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch representative office in India with much fanfare

4 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch

2 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launchOn May, 1st   the Indian representative office of Russian and Ukrainian universities initiated its operations in New Delhi. Representatives of universities such as Irkutsk State Medical University,Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University, Sumy State University, Novosibirsk State University, Syktyvkar State University etc. were present. The vice-rector of foreign affairs ofDonetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus Popadinets Aleksandr Alekseivich stated that with the opening of this representative office the relations between Ukraine and Russia became closer.

“As medical education in Ukraine is recognized as one of the best in the world, it is highly in-demand among foreign students. Ukrainian universities intake thousands of Indian students every year with great pleasure as they are one of the most diligent set of students. The biggest advantage of Ukrainian education system in medical field is that the classes are conducted in different foreign languages including English and graduates from these universities are in high-demand after completing their degrees” – said the vice-rector.

1 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch5 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch

It should be mentioned that currently it is the only official representative office of Ukrainian and Russian universities in India.

The vice-rector of foreign affairs of Irkutsk State Medical University Krupskaya Tamara Semenovna mentioned in her turn, that about 7 000 students are studying in Russia and warned all the potential students wishing to study in Russia to not to trust intermediary companies, which are providing unfair services and is very glad that official representative office is now functioning in India.

During admission cycle all the representatives will be present in Delhi for direct admission of students to the universities.

3 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch3 Ukrainian and Russian Universities launch

The office is keenly inviting students who want to study in Russia or Ukraine to provide comprehensive details about the admission process for this academic year.