Quality University is the first step to Success

Quality University is the first step to SuccessWe are very glad that in our country as well as in Egypt, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Russia the official representative office of Ukrainian and Russian universities started functioning. Now our citizens can easily get higher education at government-owned universities of Russia and Ukraine, which is recognized not only in India, but across the world. The representatives of universities are currently present here and can interact with future students and clear all their doubts.

For so many years now Ukraine, Russia and India are having fruitful cooperation in the field of education. That is why Indian students aim for getting higher education at universities of Ukraine and Russia. As Ukrainian and Russian universities have adopted European education system called as Bologna process, the medium of studying is English and universities have opportunity to cooperate with European and American universities. So students are able to participate in students exchange program and get experience from European universities-partners.

The most popular streams are MBBS, Engineering, Computing, BBA/MBA.

Getting qualified education is an excellent startMBBS course lasts for 6 years, half of which consists of practical classes. Starting from 3rd year of studying students’ training is conducted at hospitals under the guidance of practicing physicians. Also from 3rd year onwards Indian students will be provided with extra classes for successful clearance of MCI scanning test.

About 7000 school-leavers become medical students of Russian and Ukrainian universities yearly. Such universities as Sumy State University, Poltava Medical Dental Academy,Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus, Novosibirsk State University, Irkutsk State Medical University, Syktyvkar State University are most popular among Indian students.

Engineering, Computing, BBA/MBA are also as popular as MBBS. Universities have powerful science and technology infrastructure and up-to-date facilities for training highly-qualified personnel. Every year students have their internship in the leading companies of Ukraine and Russia.

All hostels are situated within the campus. Accommodations are properly equipped for comfortable students’ living. Indian students are also provided with three Indian meals a day as an optional mess facility.

We want to highlight that our official representative office of Russian and Ukrainian universities provides scholarship to top students after the completion of the first year of the education based on the academic excellence, performance at the university and in the hostel.

Getting qualified education is an excellent start in career, so don’t miss your chance of having successful future.