Who is supposed to clear MCI screening test?

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This year the Health Ministry is planning an exit exam for MBBS students passing out of government as well as private medical colleges in India. It is directed at improving health services and professional development of practicing doctors.  Earlier the clearance of this exam was mandatory only for those students, who studied MBBS at foreign universities. But from now onwards as planned by Medical Council of India, Indian students will also have to appear for MCI exam before start practicing as a doctor. Students of Russian and Ukrainian universities have bigger advantage in this situation as starting from 3rd year of their studies at Russian and Ukrainian universities, Indian students are provided with free extra classes for preparation of MCI Screening test.  As a result, graduates from medical universities of Russia and Ukraine showed better results at Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) than those who graduated from universities of other countries in 2014-2015. This proves that those students who are diligent at studying and attend extra classes regularly will successfully crack this exam without any effort.


There are similar exams for medical graduates in many other countries such as USA, Australia, European countries, Ukraine, Russia, etc. But those students, who complete their degree in Ukraine and want to practice in any European country, need to clear only local language exam. It is because Ukrainian educational system is equal to European one, unlike China, Philippines, Australia, Georgia etc. In order to make students’ practice smoothly as a doctor in any other European country, language courses were established at the premises of Ukrainian universities. It will simplify the process of getting through language exam. As for medical graduates from Philippines, China, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia etc., they will need to pass not only local language, but also need to qualify similar exam as MCI screening test in order to have an opportunity to practice in Europe.  

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