Professor of Purdue University, USA Arun K.Bhunia held lectures at Sumy State University Medical Institute

4Professor Arun K. Bhunia, the internationally renowned expert in the field of Food Microbiology and Hygiene, Principle Investigator of Molecular Food Microbiology Laboratory at Purdue University, USA visited SSU Medical Institute. Within Fulbright Specialist Program Professor Arun K. Bhunia shared the new methods of microbiological studies and pathogenesis of food infections.

In particular he gave lectures and conducted seminars for students, post-graduates and teachers of SSU Medical Institute. The seminar on the education system and research grants in the USA was very interesting. The library of Medical Institute was enriched with valuable books, written by Professor Arun K. Bhunia. Besides, the lectures of Professor Arun K. Bhunia will be posted on website of Department of Hygiene and Ecology with the course of microbiology, virology and immunology (free access for students and teachers).

The academic took part in a series of contact meetings with SSU Rector Anatoliy Vasylyev, Vice-rector for international affairs Volodymyr Lyubchak, Head of the International Affairs Office Kostyantyn Kyrychenko and the representatives of Medical Institute’s administration. During the meetings the future cooperation and joint participation in international grants were discussed. Also, Professor held a seminar on the education system and research grants in the USA.