Recruitment of students to Sumy State University is ongoing

na glavnuyuAdmission for 2016/2017 to Sumy State University is still open for students willing to obtain MBBS degree abroad. According to the representatives of Sumy State University there are less than 100 seats left and the last date for applying is 15th of October. But as the university has very high ranking among world universities and is in the top 3 best universities in Ukraine according to July 2016 Editionof Webometrics (ranking web of universities) it is in highly demand among foreign students, so admission will be closed as soon as all seats are reserved. Presently more than 1 400 foreign student from 52 different countries study at Sumy State University.

During the six years of study undergraduate educational programme, students study different fundamental and clinical disciplines. Studying encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of diseases. Modern medicine applies the health science, biomedical and genetic research and medical technology to diagnose and treat disease, through medication, surgery, or some other forms of treatment. Medical Institute is widely known for its multiform innovative teaching, practical training and research programmes of international cooperation.

Since 2006 Medical Institute turned to educational process organization according to the credit-module system with appraisal plan ESTC (European Credit Transfer System), which means one of the main stages of integration into European educational process, which allow graduates of higher education institutions to be competitive at the labour-market. In 20 years the medical research institution appeared where the Institute received its achievements and investigations. During this time, the institution prepared nearly 2,000 Doctors, 1,500 of them work in hospitals of Sumy Oblast and other. Clinical departments are located mostly at Sumy hospitals, which are fitted out with modern diagnostic equipment. SSU Medical Institute students can also participate in multi-centre international studies.