Foreign students celebrated their end-of-year festival in Syktyvkar and Irkutsk

nnAll universities have their own traditions and customs. One of such traditions is celebrating the end of academic year by students. It is very joyful time for all of them as the exams are over and there are no classes anymore, so all students enjoy their free time and can gather together in order to communicate with each other and just have fun. Traditionally students meet together in hostels and pass the time.



This year our representatives celebrated this festival together with our students from Syktyvkar State University and Irkutsk State Medical University. As in Syktyvkar State University and Irkutsk State Medical University there are not only students from India, who obtain their higher education, but also from other countries it was very entertaining for them to tell about their own traditions and customs which they have in their own countries. Such events are very useful for foreign students as they have an opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures, to know more about mentality of other nations and to learn a lot about countries.

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Also while discussing students decide to create their own project called “School of tolerance” and promotional event called “International morning”.

- Greeting each other in national languages of different countries and trying to communicate with each other on their own language is very beneficial for us as we accept each other as we are. This is the main point in organizing such events, - told one of Indian students of Syktyvkar State University.

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