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About us

In 1888, with the initiative of Kharkov businessman merchant and Commerce Adviser M. Orlov, the Kharkov Commercial College was founded, it was opened in 1893, and it was given the name of Emperor Alexander III in 1896. Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics was established in 1912. The university is the largest economic state higher educational and research institution in Eastern Ukraine with the highest IV level of accreditation, it is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since 2013 the University is named after Simon Kuznets, its noted alumnus.

KhNUE offers students with a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs executing multistage training, retraining and upgrading of qualification of students. University offers programs in 26 specialties including - economy & business, public administration, management, informatics and cybernetics, computer sciences, publishing business and printing industry, tourism..Etc.

S. Kuznets KhNUE works extensively in collaboration with international higher educational institutes from neighbouring and foreign countries with the purpose of training, requalification and improvement of professional skills of the students, university have partners from many countries, namely Austria, France, Russia, Belarus, China, Italy, Armenia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, USA and others. The university work with these universities organization of joint research activities, preparation of joint projects to participate in contests grants, exchange of students, post-graduate students and lecturers, KNUE is a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum (2004), Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (2008), Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (2009) European University Association (2009). University have agreements of cooperation and partnership relations with more than 50 universities in the EU, Russia and the CIS countries, USA and Canada, the countries of East Asia (2010).The accordance of the University to the modern educational standards was confirmed by the invitation to join the Magna Charta Universitatum – the prestigious universities organisations of the world with headquarters in the city Bologna (Italy) – September 18, 2004.

The students pursuing their degree in KhNUE have an opportunity to undergo training in the leading national industrial enterprises, financial, consulting and other companies.