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The University of Kharkov or officially the Vasyl Karazin Kharkov National University is one of the major universities in Ukraine, and earlier in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. It was founded in 1804 through the efforts of Vasily Karazin and in accordance with the charter of Tsar Alexander I. The inauguration of the university was done on 29 January, 1805. The university gave a powerful impetus to the emergence of Kharkov as a major scientific, cultural centre and an academic hub of Ukraine. Today the University is rated among the best Ukrainian classical universities and is known around the world for its knowledge and reputation.

The University is one of the largest research centres in Ukraine. It covers almost all the spheres of modern fundamental research and incorporates the Research Institutes of Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy, the Institute of Physics and Engineering, and the Institute of High Technologies. Kharkov National University offers 115 majors and minors, covering the whole scope of modern classical university education. The University is the leading research organization of several international space programs. The university researchers co-operate in international programs with scientists from the USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Turkey, China, Japan, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Great Britain and other countries.

Since from its foundation the university has granted degrees to more than 1, 30,000 students from Kharkov and around the world. The name of university graduates are honoured in geographical names, names of space objects, plants and minerals, laws and formulae. Almost 60 University graduates have become academicians and corresponding members of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) and 50 winners of the State Award. The University has about 20 world famous scientific schools committed to intensive research, 5 Expert Examining Boards and 11 Senior Doctorate Expert Examining Board. The University's researchers annually publish 60 to 65 monographs, collections of research papers, over 2,000 articles and abstracts, and hold 20 to 25 international conferences.

The university have its various associated academies - National Academy of Law, the National Pharmaceutical Academy, Kharkov Medical University, Kharkov Pedagogical University, the Kharkov Veterinary Academy, the Kharkov Academy of Culture, Kharkov Economic University and other institutions of higher education.