With the availability of limited seats, increased competition and high capitation, pursuing a MBBS degree in India is getting tougher. As a result of which a lot of Indian medical aspirants are looking toward options abroad for achieving their dreams of becoming a qualified doctors. In general the students would wish to pursue their MBBS degree from first world countries but the educational cost easily lies around Rs 7 crore to Rs10 crore which is not feasible at the undergraduate level for most of the students.

mbbs in ukraineUkraine has become one of the most popular and good study abroad destinations for the medical students from around the world who are exploring countries for studying MBBS. Annually masses of student come from different parts of world including -  India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Peru, Jordan, Tunisia, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Lebanon ...etc to Ukraine for pursuing MBBS degree. Every year 5000 students itself from India take admission to the Ukrainian universities for obtaining MBBS degree. Due to the low tuition fee offered by the country’s medical schools along with its affordable cost of living Ukraine has positioned itself as one of the most attractive destinations for Indian students. Ukraine is recognised as a good study option by the MCI, WHO, IMED, European Union and other international medical boards. The country have vast scope for healthcare industry in terms of innovation, patient-care management, technological advancement in hospitals, exposure to different diseases to treat and prevent, etc. so that the student is able to imbibe immense learning from the external environment as well.

Some of the best, old and top medical colleges and universities are situated in Ukraine from where students can accomplish their bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. MBBS degree from Ukrainian universities carry a worldwide recognized and is valid under MCI, WHO and UNESCO. With the Ukrainian MBBS degree students are eligible for working in any part of the world. So, medical graduates from the country can practice medicine elsewhere in the continent. Most of the medical colleges in Ukraine use English as the medium of instruction. Also, Ukraine follows the same education structure as European countries. Hence, it is easier for students to consider destinations across Europe once they have passed out.


about ukraine 1Ukraine is the second largest country of Europe located to the eastern part with the area of 603,628 square kilometres (ap. 234 sq miles) and with a coastline of 2,8 kilometres. The country is borderedbyRussiato the east and northeast,Belarusto the northwest, Hungary,Romania, and Moldovato the southwest, PolandandSlovakiato the west,and theBlack SeaandSea of Azovto the south and southeast, respectively. Ukraine has long been known for its extensive and fertile farm lands, maintaining its status as one of the world largest grain exporters. Ukraine has diverse economy with heavy industrial sector; considerably in space and rocket engineering, aircraft and ship building, high tech equipment. Today Ukraine is an internationally oriented centre of, micro electronics, chips development, high technology, with speech technology media technology and genetic engineering as outstanding examples. Ukraine consists of second largest military in Europe. Various regions of Ukraine have diverse geographic features ranging from the highlands to the lowlands; landscape consists mostly of fertile plains and plateaus, crossed by rivers.

about ukraine 2 about ukraine 3

The richly talented Ukrainian people have created many monuments both secular and religious and wonderful architecture, dating from 11th to 18th centuries can be seen in all throughout Ukraine towns and cities. Ukraine has a literacy rate of 99.4% and higher education within the Ukrainian community has always been open to foreign students. Country has well established transport system with various options of travelling; the fare is paid as soon as you get in, and is fixed no matter how far you want to go. This is the same for the conventional buses, tram, trolley-buses and metro. Each city has an intercity bus station from which you can go pretty much anywhere in Ukraine. Fares and quality of service vary widely.


benefits 2

~Europe’s oldest medical universities are situated in Ukraine offering education for about more than 50 years. The advanced training methodology with advanced equipments and highly economical cost of education has made Ukraine first most option for Indian students since the past few years.

~Annually a lot of foreign students take admission to Ukrainian universities for pursuing their MBBS degree, as result of which citizens are very warm and open to new people.

~Educational System in Ukraine is widely accepted across the world.

benefits 1

~MBBS in Ukraine follows a high standard of education and teachers here are all highly qualified and professional working doctors.

~No admission test is required for entrance into most of the colleges and universities of the country. The admission process is very simple.

~Almost all their courses are globally Recognized (MCI, WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.)


Being a representative of a lot of educational institutes our company is struggling to make the process of getting admission to the University and gaining a degree as less complicated as possible. Education is what feeds our curiosity, exposes our talents, expends our horizons, and helps us to fulfil our potential as individuals.

We have divided our procedure of getting admission into 3 main subdivisions making it more convenient for the students to understand the process.


To start the procedure of taking admission to either of the universities candidate (student) will have to provide us with any of their ID proof along with filled registration form which will be provided to the student or can be downloaded from our website. Along with it we will require a scanned copy of 12th/10th std. mark sheet/scanned copy of your last qualification.

With all these documents university will provide a student with an ADMISSION LETTER mentioning all the expenditure for entire study duration/course, getting Admission letter takes around 4-5 days.

Further procedure of getting invitation letter from the university is carried out on the satisfaction of the candidate with the expenditure for the course.
Getting admission letter does not confirm the seat reservation in the university; this letter is for the convenience of the student.


Once the candidate is satisfied with the total expenditure of the course he/she can pursue with the process of getting invitation letter from the university which confirms the seat reservation in the university.

Following documents are required for getting Invitation Letter from the universities:
~Scan copy of international passport

~Scan copy of grade 12 certificates

~Copy of Bachelors Degree (If applying for Masters)

Getting invitation letter from the university may take 2-3 weeks time.


visa 1

On the confirmation of a seat from the universities side, we apply for your visa for which candidate don’t have to pay extra.

Visa process will include all these following documentation within our services charges

visa~Apostille stamp

~Translation of the documents

~Medical insurance


~Legislation of documents


Following documents will be required for getting study visa:

~Original Passport (Valid for 1 year minimum)

~Secondary school certificate

~Medical certificate showing absence of AIDS/HIV.

~Medical certificate showing physical and mental fitness.

~Eight photos of size 3.5*4.5.

~Invitation letter from Russian/Ukrainian state university issued by federal migration services.

~Visa confirmation letter to embassy of Russia/Ukraine from ministry of foreign affairs.



We take care of the entire process for you and assist you in getting admission to the university with the least hindrance. Once the entire process is done all you need is to get ready to see the things from a new angle and our company does its best to make our students be inspired and gain an excellent background for their future career. We treat our every student as a part of our big family and give any support they need. Students are sent to the universities in groups to make them feel comfortable.
On reaching the country our representatives will receive them at the airport and assist them with the process of getting admission to the university.