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Kirovohrad is a city, which is located in central Ukraine on the Inhul river, it is the administrative centre of the Kirovohrad Oblast. The city is the birthplace of many famous personalities such as Gregory Zinoviev, Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Arseny Tarkovsky, African Spire and others

Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus, also known by the name of Donetsk National Medical University was established in 1930 by the name of M. Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute initially located at Donetsk, but it was relocated to Kirovohrad in 2014. In 1994 it was given the status of University and in 2007 it obtained the status of National Medical University. This university is evaluated as one of the best medical schools in Ukraine.

The university has been providing students with the best quality training and practical knowledge since from 1930 at comparatively low tuition fees, because of which Kirovograd Medical Institute Donetsk National Medical University is one of the most attractive Ukrainian Medical Universities for foreign students who wish to pursue degree in MBBS in Ukraine. Presently approximately 4 200 students, including students from abroad, study at the ten faculties ofDonetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus. Students come from different parts of world – India, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Peru, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Kenya, Zambia, Lebanon and other countries.

Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus is catalogued in the medical directories of the World Health Organization (WHO), I-Med Schools and MCI.Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus is ranked at 3003 place out of 11,000 medical universities in the world according to the 4icu Ranking and 2021 on the Webtronics world ranking. In the latest national university rankings (Top 200 in Ukraine, years 2013 and 2014),Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus was ranked as the first best medical university, and was the 23rd best university overall in Ukraine

Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus has been delegated as the regional centre of Bologna process managing in Ukraine, by the Ukrainian Health Ministry Order N°148 on March 22, 2004. Since from the academic year of 2005/06, this university has been teaching its students in accordance with the Bologna Agreement on specialists training using the credit-modular system, because of which by the end of study it’s possible for students to obtain a European degree. As the MBBS degree obtained from this university is in par with the European study system it’s possible for students ofDonetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus to make transfer of their credits to any other European medical university at any time after completion of first year of education at Donetsk National Medical University. Transfer to other European universities is made under Bologna process.

Donetsk National Medical University Kirovohrad Campus is working in collaboration and for students transfer with almost 160 distinctive universities around the world – universities of Europe, USA, CIS, Canada and some Arabic countries are associated with the university.

Till date, 45,000 degrees has been granted by the university, to well-known scientists, doctors, researchers, health care providers from Ukraine, Russia, and 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.