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I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the first and the oldest medical higher educational institution in Russian federation gracing its history from the medical faculty of Moscow Imperial University founded in 1758. University was known by the name of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Institute of Medicine (before 1990), from 1990 – 2010 it was known by the name of I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. The university is located in the cosmopolitan city of Russia, Moscow, which is located in the western Russia on the Moskva River.

The history of First MSMU is connected in close proximity with the history of medical study and healthcare in Russia. Since from 1758 – about more than 250 years university has been playing the leading role in the improvement of medical science and training of medical and scientific personnel. The university has enriched national and world science with many dignified scientists and significant discoveries, and brought up thousands of doctors devoted to their work. Among the graduates of university includes internationally recognized names like - Botkin S.P., Korsakoff S.S., Pirogov N.N., Sechenov I.M., Sklifosovsky N.V., and Chekhov A.P. for their prominent contribution to global medicine and other spheres.

The university comprises of 20 buildings including classrooms and lecture halls for lectures. Buildings include a clinical centre with 17 diverse clinics for 3000 patients. It also includes of a research centre, the main library, publishing section, a video-photo department, the botanical garden, the laboratories and several students' hostels. There are 177 chairs at the academy for the following faculties: medical, pharmaceutical, stomatological, disease-prevention, higher nurses' training, foreign undergraduate education and foreign student’s faculty, health service management, continuous disease-prevention education, pharmacist upgrading, academic education, continuous professional training, and premedical education. The university teaching staffs includes about more than 2000 highly qualified specialists – 87% of the Heads of departments are having various academic degrees, 35% of the scientists are Members and Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Honoured Scientists of the Russian Federation, and the State Prize laureates

At present 2 500 international students and post-graduates from about 73 countries around the world are pursuing their MBBS course in Russia at First MSMU. Students are coming from countries as - India, Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, Syria, Vietnam, Israel, Brazil, as well as Germany, USA, Great Britain, Nepal, Republic of Maldives, Haiti, and other countries. Yearly about 30 doctoral and more than 100 candidate’s degrees are granted to the students from around the world. Most themes deal with problems of a nationwide importance, such as development of new modes of preventive treatment, hygienic norms and environmental protection measures, diagnosis and treatment of most common conditions, creating optimal conditions for work and leisure, a rational diet, evolving new drugs and dosage forms, and medical technology; studies morph functional and biochemical basis of the body's vital activities working out methodical and methodological aspects of educational and teaching activities.

The university works actively throughout the year and develops comprehensive scientific collaborations with international organizations, medical research and training centres around the world. Eminent organizations like the International Association of the University Programs for Health Management, the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and General Practitioners, the Medical Council of India (MCI), the American International Alliance on Health Problems, the European Association of Management in Health Care, the World Academy of Medical Education are in cooperation with the university.

The international reputation of the university has been confirmed by the high rating obtained in the UNESCO-held university competition.