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About us

Irkutsk State Medical University was created in October 1918 in Irkutsk, which is one of the largest cities in Siberia and the administrative centre of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. The foundation of the university was laid with the aim towards the improvement of higher education in Siberia and Russian Far East. In a very short span of time the Irkutsk State University became the major scientific, educational and cultural centre on the vast territory of Eastern Siberia. Initially there were only two faculties at the University: the Faculty of History and Philology and the Law Faculty.

Irkutsk State Medical University was initially started in the form of a medical department at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Irkutsk State University on August 26, 1919. On January 20, 1920 medical department became an independent educational and administrative unit - the Medical Faculty of the Irkutsk State University. Irkutsk State Medical University was initially stated as Irkutsk State Medical Institute but it got the status of “University“ on May, 1995 as it has passed the state certification to estimate the quality of training, conducted by the State Inspectorate for certification of educational institutions of the Russian Federation State Committee for Higher Education. Moreover the full range of educational qualities and up to date equipment aspects made it ​​possible.

The university has been providing students with high quality of education since last 96 years; presently the university has a working staff of more than 100 professors and Doctors of Science, 299 Doctors of Philosophy, 2 academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 2 corresponding members of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Irkutsk State Medical Institute trains specialists along the following qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists and Masters. Presently there are 7 undergraduate programs under progression in ISMU. In the studying period of students, they usually undergo academic training in main medical specialties. Students are trained in close proximity of the working doctors and take part in examinations of patients, giving urgent aid, work at clinical and biochemical laboratories, X-ray rooms. The University faculties and institutions are spread out in 9 educational buildings in Irkutsk and in Bratsk.

The MBBS Degree from Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) is very prominent and recognized worldwide. For decades, ISMU has trained more than 70 thousand famous scientists, highly qualified specialists, writers, teachers, and statesmen, including State Prize winners. Among former graduates of the “ISMU”, there are ministers and members of parliaments in different countries, outstanding scientists and famous doctors who run their own clinics in their home country

The university is aimed to generate highly qualified professionals in the field of medicine and pharmacy. “ISMU” has all modern and up to date equipments that are available for the students during theoretical and practical classes. Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) has an immense experience in training of foreign students who seek a well renounced MBBS degree in Russia. With the faculty of highly qualified teaching staff and modern facilities – ISMU guarantee high level of theoretical and practical training to the students.

Irkutsk State Medical University welcomes new students who want to dedicate his/her life to the medical field of knowledge and want to attain a worldwide recognized MBBS degree.