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With the declaration of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Novosibirsk State University was established on 9th January, 1958, by Soviet academicians Mikhail Alekseevich Lavrentiev,Sergei Lvovich Sobolev and Sergey Alekseyevich Khristianovich, six months after the decision to found the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Novosibirsk state university is located in the world-famous scientific centre – Akademgorodok which is 30 kilometres away from Novosibirsk.

The university was established to bring international level of research over the Urals from Moscow to the vast territories of Siberia. The university is one of the famous and attractive universities, which provides MBBS in Russia, although the university is somewhat young, university Ranks 52 in the World University Rankings. It’s one of the Top 100 universities with the best student-to-staff ratio. NSU is a modern university that is exhibiting a quick and dynamic growth.

Presently 6000 students are pursuing their studies in over 13 faculties within assistance of 2000 university teachers, 880 associate professors, 570 full professors with doctorate degrees and 60 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Every year university carries out intake of foreign students from different parts of world, at present 826 international students are pursuing their studies in university from 37 countries; there are 43 international university teachers from 12 countries, 15 English-taught programs are already in progress, 28 opportunities of scientific internships for international students, 29 international joint programs, and 132 partner universities in 29 countries.

The university graduates are being honoured with many prestigious world awards and prizes like Fields Medal, EPS Euro physics Prize, etc .There are more than 100 honours of the Lenin and State Prizes, the Prizes of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Russian Federation, Presidential Awards in Science and Education, the Prize of the Russian Federation Government as well as prizes of eminent scientists. Well renounced businessmen and entrepreneurs as well as managers of large enterprises and academic research organizations are among the graduates of NSU.

The medical Department was started as an independent department based on NSU in 2003. The department of Post-Graduation was established in 2010. The main abstraction of the creation of this department was to prepare highly qualified doctors, scientists & researchers, who have not only basic behavioural and critical clinical skills but also have necessary experimental skills and appropriate knowledge for scientific researches. The university has well equipped modern necessities for students with strong research background, the fact that the leading research institutes are being used for studying and researching it makes it possible to graduate from this department as well-qualified specialist.