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The Siberian State Medical University is a medical college in Tomsk, Russia. The first university ever opened in the Asian part of Russia and one of the oldest medical schools in Russia and in east of the Urals. Tomsk is a charming city located in the east of Western Siberia; the city is situated on the Tom River. Tomsk is one of the oldest towns in Siberia. The city is a major educational, scientific and innovation centre of Siberia.

The SSMU was established in 1878 by Alexander II as the Faculty of Medicine of the Imperial Tomsk University, the university was officially opened from 1888. Initially the university was called by the name of Tomsk Medical Institute, but in 1992 it received the status of university and changed its name to Siberian State Medical University. The university has preserved its history of about 135 years and over the time Siberian State Medical University has become one of the best educational, medical and scientific complexes in Russia for training and certification of healthcare professionals in the field of surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics, pathology, histology, pharmacology, microbiology and many others.

At present Siberian State Medical University incorporates 7 faculties, Medical and Pharmaceutical College, Central Research Laboratory, 8 research centres, interdisciplinary teaching and research laboratories and its own clinics, three anatomic Museums with unique gatherings and the region's largest scientific medical library.

Continuously for many years SSMU has been among the top five leading medical universities in Russia according to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. A magazine called “Career Formula” finalised a rating survey for 100 best Russian universities in 2003, SSMU was ranked 3rd out of all medical schools in Russia. Rating of universities by the Russian Ministry of Higher Education rated the school second among all Russian medical colleges.

Annually the university enrols more than 5000 students from all parts of Russia and CIS region as well as from many foreign countries like India, Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Mongolia. With every passing year there is an increment in the number of students approaching to the Siberian State Medical University for pursuing their degree in MBBS in Russia. Over the passing years 60,000 physicians and pharmacists have graduated from the University; 40 000 specialists have been certified. Among the graduates are two presidents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 25 associate members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 42 academicians.

Over 80% of the academic faculty are scientific scholars. SSMU have a top calibre academic and scientific body, with experienced physicians whose names are world-renowned.

Core mission of the university is the advance patient care and public health in the world through teaching, research and clinical excellence. The University train the next generation of doctors by performing high quality medical research and by offering excellent education. The University aims at improving the quality of life and health of the population through innovation in education, research and patient care offering top-quality training, educational and research opportunities to the students.

Siberian State Medical University provides students with excellent education and a valid MBBS medical degree. The graduates having MBBS degree from SSMU are in high demand throughout the country and are in all regions of Russia, CIS, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Israel, the USA, Canada, France,