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The Kharkiv Medical Academy of odontology established Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Institute as one of its odontologic faculty in 1921. The institute was moved to Poltava region in 1967, and was renamed as the Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute (PUMSA). Till date the university is situated in Poltava, which is the 7th largest and central city of Ukraine located on the Vorskla River. It is one of the central hubs for industrial, scientific, cultural and agricultural activities.

In the year 1994 Medical Stomatological Institute was granted the highest (IV) level of accreditation for providing MBBS course in Ukraine and the status of an “Academy”- Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. The (IV) accreditation level was confirmed by the Accreditation Commission of Ukraine in the year 2014.Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) is the leading state higher educational institution in training both doctors and dentists.

The academy is ranked in top 30 among the Ukrainian medical academies. Over the year the academy has been actively and repeatedly participating in the prestigious international exhibitions of educational institutes such as - “Modern Education in Ukraine”, “Innovation in Modern Education”, “Education and Career”. At these exhibitions Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy was awarded with a gold medal (the 2013/2014 academic year), three Grand Prizes and diplomas. The university has also been awarded with the honorary titles such as “Leader of National Education”, “Leader of Scientific and Technological Activities”. All these initiatives of the academy represented the university’s accomplishments in the educational process, scientific and methodological innovations, modern information and telecommunication systems and multimedia training. Moreover Ukraine as a member of the UN and UNESCO is actively involved in international programs of higher education.

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) trains specialists in six faculties and a preparatory department. There are Dental Faculty, Medical Faculty №1, Medical Faculty №2 (Paediatrics), Faculty for Foreign Students Training, Department of Pre-University Training and Faculty of Postgraduate Education.

Structure of the Academy embraces 53 departments. Clinical and consulting work is performed at 39 clinical departments of the Academy, located at the best regional and municipal clinics of Poltava. Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) trains specialists along the following education / qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties: Dentistry, General Medicine, Paediatrics, Nursing, Prosthetic Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacy The teaching faculty of “UMSA” comprises of 90 Doctors, 367 Candidates of sciences, 81 Professor, 196 Associate professors, 2 Laureates of State prize of Ukraine, 5 honoured workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 4 honoured physicians of Ukraine, 1 honoured rationaliser.

At present, 4249students are admitted at the academy including 764 foreign students from about 50 different countries around the world – India, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan and many other. All the foreign students are guaranteed equal rights and freedom stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The first most aim of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) is to provide students with high quality of education with infield practical knowledge. The students who are looking for quality education at an affordable course fees find a great opportunity in achieving their dreams at Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA). The teaching faculty of academy has a good team of long term experienced lecturers in providing quality education to the students.